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redline is not a good movie but it did give me this screenshot so it can't be all bad

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listening to nl read essay-length steam reviews of porn games and one of them just used the phrase "ludonarrative dissonance"

immediately after this i had an hour long job interview. i deserve a medal and to be made queen of earth

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just saw someone on twitter whose bio described them as an "anti-capitalist entrepreneur"

northernlion posting 

CHAT: my ex always kept the engine on while filling the tank with gas

RYAN: is the reason that they're your ex because they blew up?

watching kaiba for the podcast and writing episode synopses so i can remember what happens

"how on earth could a teenager know what a floppy disk is!?" because they have the internet just like you do, dipshit

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people over the age of 30 are so obsessed with the idea that people under the age of 30 couldn't possibly have ever heard of or seen anything from before they were born

looking at someone's twitter profile and trying to figure out if their avatar is a non-flushable turd or just a regular ugly drawing

on the one hand, my bangs are so long i absolutely cannot see shit, but on the other hand, i look like a cool forest witch gremlin, so its impossible to say if i should get a haircut or not,

i like and regularly listen to both deerhoof and deerhunter and i still can't easily remember which one is which

money help, boost please 

Welp I need 600$ by the end of the month to pay healthcare or lose it. The pittance I earned from current gig won’t make it til February and my proper job won’t start til then either. Please anything helps. They fucked up my plan and this month I got 0 subsidies to pay for healthcare. I got other bills too but they’re not on fire, yet.$fillertrack

On Venmo: fillertrack

i just saw someone on twitter say that they were 24 years old and they thought 2006-2010 was the best period of time ever. bro it was the worst economic crisis in like 70 years what are you talking about

[ishikawa goemon being boiled alive] wow, cancel culture is really out of control these days

food, unusual meat 

a friend posted this in our group chat and i assumed it was a mistranslation but no, upon closer inspection 「鯨風味」literally means whale flavor. i googled 「鯨風味」and it brought up a bunch of pictures of horse meat (さくら肉)so like... is there like an institution of whale flavored horse meat in japan?? what does that even mean??

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