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redline is not a good movie but it did give me this screenshot so it can't be all bad

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i'm looking at the guy right now and he is literally pointing a leaf blower at the asphalt

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every week, sometimes it feels like multiple times a week, my landlord has a guy come and do yardwork on my apartment complex, and i literally don't know how because there is no vegetation of any kind anywhere on the property

i brought up this completely deranged mashup last night during stream and i've listened to it like ten times since then and it's been stuck in my head constantly

knowing the words "to grow" (η”Ÿγˆγ‚‹), and "every july" (ζ―ŽδΈƒζœˆοΌ‰has me well on my way to being alble to translate the orson welles frozen peas commercial into japanese

apparently "caterpillar" derives from the latin for "cat fur" which only raises further questions

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learning japanese has made me really consider how weird the word "caterpillar" is compared to the much more sensible γ€Œζ―›θ™«γ€("fur bug")

the lord keeps us humble by making grated cheese delicious but also making cheese graters the biggest pain in the ass to clean

ok this is a slight lie: i joined mastodon to make fun of linux users

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it's cool how mastodon was a place i joined to escape twitter but instead it's just been added to the list of websites i'm trapped on and have to check every day if i want to talk to all my friends

whenever i think abstractly about my ideal competitive game i decide that chess is the ideal competitive game and then when i actually play it it makes me hate myself more than anything else in the world so i think i'm just wrong about my own preferences

kind of getting the urge to play fallout new vegas again

cutting a truly astonishing amount of james bond content out of tomorrow's episode of @animeisforjerks

for some bizarre reason gitea thinks that anathema is written almost entirely in common lisp

it really is infuriating when people argue that tech workers shouldn't unionize because they get paid a lot of money. unions can do a lot more than negotiate for salary increases you fucking dipshit

very cool how every hour or two my computer completely locks up for no reason and i have to hard reboot. normal thing for a computer to do

twice now the cashier and bagger at the grocery store have been talking about goku while ringing me up. two completely different guys each time. everyone at ralphs loves goku

hey folks! we are recording our episode on the second half of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM this evening! send in your questions and comments to animeisforjerks[at]!

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