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redline is not a good movie but it did give me this screenshot so it can't be all bad

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looking at reviews of christmas lights for some reason and there is just an entire universe pouring out of this review

ive never felt so linguistically betrayed than being told as a child that the word "crepe" is pronounced with the vowel from "grape," and then growing up to learn that in french it's pronounced exactly like it's spelled. this is such a rarity for french words why would we waste it

y'all ever work on a song for two days and then take a step back and realize that you just wrote "in circles" by sunny day real estate

chat pile definitely wins the song title of the year award for "grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg"

cheating at music rules. it whips ass to record something at a slower tempo and then speed it up and everyone should do it

one of the only things i hate about ableton, and i have no idea how they'd fix this, is that the grid is very rigid so if you have like a fill between sections that's like half a bar or a quarter note or something all your loops are just misaligned forever. please mr ableton this drives me insane

finally getting around to listening to weatherglow and y'all, if you like phil elverum or car seat headrest or neutral milk hotel or grandaddy or any other lo-fi music you gotta check this shit out, it rules

i don't know what it is about me, but people at train stations seem to gravitate towards me for information about how the metro works. like half the time i take the subway i get asked for directions or help understanding the signs. something about me just screams "knowledgeable about public transit."

3d game programming... every time i think i'm out, they pull me back in!!!

this video popped up in my recommendations yesterday and i have been thinking about it nonstop ever since. highly recommend that you just watch it without looking at how long it is, and try to guess when you think it might be over soon.

never make a 3d video game, kids. it's not worth it. there's no point. we haven't figured out how to do it yet.

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i KNOW how to use 3d modeling software and i still constantly have to ask our artists to take time out of their days to fix basic shit for me because teaching me how to do it would take too long. i've made the 3d art for most of my games!!!

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got two orders of fried rice from the chinese place when i only paid for one :sickos:

just finished yakuza like a dragon. that game is a scathing indictment of neoliberal fear of crime politics unlike anything you'd see in a western AAA game. also you can breakdance in a suit of armor and it contains more emo math rock guitar than any other game i've ever played.

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