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hi. it's two thousand and nineteen and i have started a podcast about anime with @catalina. it's called Anime Is For Jerks. we watched gunbuster and talked about it for one good christian hour and ten good christian minutes. you can listen to it wherever you get your podcasts:

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extremely important: their drummer has a mullet. like a huge ass 70s ass mullet. it's incredible.

(lmao forgot to post this) IN ~1HR: CASTLEVANIA: CIRCLE OF THE MOON over at!!

i genuinely went to bed last night being like "ok tomorrow i have the day off so i'm gonna spend the whole day porting my renderer to either c or some kind of shader-based solution so it'll run at 60fps at any resolution" and then woke up and immediately was like "what if i just rendered it to a 320x240 image as a buffer and then rendered that to the screen scaled up"

me: this time i'm gonna do it. im just gonna make a fucking video game and not post about it until it's done, like a smart person

me, the instant i've done something kinda cool: HEY MOTHERFUCKERS CHECK THIS DUMB SHIT I'M NOT GONNA FINISH OUT

(the game does actually run at 60fps, the gif was just recorded at 16)

anyway this is all in love2d because i'm an idiot moron who loves to suffer.

of course, having posted this, i've fuckin blown myself up and you all know that i'm just too lazy to write C or GLSL

tired: spending a long time optimizing your renderer to get the framerate stable

wired: rendering at a smaller resolution and upscaling to the display resolution and pretending it's for the aesthetic

currently dealing with the kind of bug where adding print statements changes the behavior of the code, pray for me

i'm twenty-one!! i'm not old yet!!! what the fuck!!

frankly bullshit to be enjoying a song and look up the artist and find out they are three years younger than me. extremely fucked up imo.

i truly receive infinite amusement from the fact that typescript abbreviates to 'ts'

i returned to that hitman escalation i tried on stream and holy hell they are not fucking around with the difficulty on this one. i also found the battle axe we spent the first hour of that stream looking for and it's in a really stupid place so i don't feel bad for not finding it.

also now @animeisforjerks is on literally every podcast platform except apple's, which is hilarious

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