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good news: the replacement power cable for my malfunctioning monitor has arrived at long last from alibaba

bad news: all it has done is show that the problem is with the power socket on my monitor and not with the cable

probably not a good idea to read if the idea of getting stuck in an elevator makes you nervous 

just described protonjon as "the robert caro of let's plays" and that's about everything you need to know about me

both cw post and john harvey kellogg were truly awful people who had a weird bitter breakfast-cereal fueled rivalry. breakfast cereal was like the quinoa of its day, it was this wild pseudoscientific health food craze. also john harvey kellogg thought corn flakes would make you stop jacking off

c.w. post, the inventor of grape nuts

1. suffered a mental breakdown as a result of being overworked at his job manufacturing farm equipment

2. fucking hated trade unions

now that's what we call a Galaxy Brain

every time someone looks at my masto profile and boosts grape nuts man i grow closer to my full power

also when i searched for "m train" the info box that popped up was for meghan trainor and i've never been angrier. if anyone calls meghan trainor "m train", they should be fired directly into the sun

if i were the head of the MTA i would simply extend the m train a little bit further to make a complete loop

i'm back on my mini metro bullshit again and i'm here to say: fuck circles

watching @catalina play tetris effect ( 👀 👀 👀) just has me bummed thinking about how rad it could have been if all the music in the game was great instead of just some of it being great most of it being kinda ok and a lot of it being bad

i wanna put @catalina on blast real quick because last night at 4 in the goddamn morning she sent our group chat an asterix the gaul erotic fanfic

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