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redline is not a good movie but it did give me this screenshot so it can't be all bad

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what i''m listening to today: "nike just do it" by bladee

i continue to listen almost exclusively to drain gang. i put together a playlist of every drain gang song and it is a surreal listen on shuffle. this track from red light has caught my ear today and i can't stop thinking about it

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just woke up from a dream in which, due to covid precautions, you had to take your shoes off to get on the subway

what i'm listening to today: "no gold teeth" by danger mouse & black thought

holy SHIT the production on this is FILTHY. black thought is on fire as usual too. good stuff

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what i'm listening to today: this bladee and ecco2k live set

some really cool live improvisational versions of bladee and ecco2k songs. also shoutout to ecco2k, gotta be one of my favorite genders

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what i'm listening to today: "PXE" by ecco2k

ecco2k's music continues to blow me away. this ep came out last year and it is some mind bending stuff. i read an interview with ecco where he described this EP as sounding like "throwing a car battery in a washing machine" and that is pretty accurate

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what i'm listening to today: "it gets lonely" by kmoe

i had previously only heard kmoe on dltzk's "homeswitcher" and umru's movinglikeazombie remix and it only recently occurred to me to check out his solo stuff, and it's great. the future we live in is terrible but at least it's full of impossibly talented teenagers making dazzling pop music

:drake_dislike: getting misgendered with he/him pronouns

:drake_like: getting misgendered with she/her pronouns

d&g era bladee would never sing about a hedgehog but the fool/crest era bladee absolutely would sing about a hedgehog

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i have a new favorite personal misheard lyric now, the first time i heard bladee and ecco2k's "cinderella" i thought the line "headshot me i'm swallowed by a black hole" was "hedgehog being swallowed by a black hole," and the mental image of a hedgehog falling into a black hole will never leave me

it honestly feels like cheating how you can just put a breakbeat under something and it sounds way better

several pivotal scenes in yakuza: like a dragon feature background music that is.... extremely sentimental american football-adjacent math rock? it is some of the best and most bizarre usage of music i have ever seen in a video game, it feels like watching an episode of the OC

what i want in my life is an apartment hunting website that lets me search for apartments within a mile radius of any train station. suumo, the most popular apartment search website in japan, lets you do this, and since learning that i have not known peace

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