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redline is not a good movie but it did give me this screenshot so it can't be all bad

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just normal, two-dimensional gameplay here folks. nothing to see here, move along

i think often about the vinyl reissue cover of amplifier worship by boris. big fan of this frog right here. more album covers should have weird porcelain frog statues on them

at a 100 gecs show and theres a guy drawing anime girls on their 3ds right next to me

i mean i also hate it because while it is a decent counterargument against the "but i like driving!!!" freaks, it is exhausting to treat people who feel the status quo benefits them like they are the protagonists of reality. the truth is that even if sustainable, transit-focused city planning made life less convenient for everyone it would still be necessary because the alternative is we all keep driving cars and the earth becomes uninhabitable

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people often point out that city planning that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit actually makes driving better too, which is true and probably good marketing/optics for sustainable city planning, but i wish it wasn't true because i hate drivers and want them to suffer

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"Every day on twitter I see a promoted tweet that's like "are you ready for web3? is your business ready for web3?" and I'm like buddy, you're not ready for web2, you've got like ten followers"

i've been playing chess again and as much as it is funny to obliterate people who only know how to play scholar's mate or the englund gambit, i do wish that did not make up literally *all* the games i play

it's so good to live in a world where like every episode of the original japanese iron chef is just on youtube for free and nobody cares


this friday, hell is a super auto pets lobby with @prophet_goddess and @topghost and the elusive kevin and YOU

~> party party <~

here's a new one: pickup truck was parked literally on the sidewalk between me and the grocery store. looking in the cab, the driver had a guy fawkes mask hanging from his passenger seat headrest.

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