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northernlion posting 

northernlion posting 

alex is out on assignment. i'm in a spelunky mood. let's play some spelunky for a bit. then we'll play other things.

IN ~1HR: @catalina is out on assignment, so we're gonna have some fun and play a variety of things!!!

my geography class in this, my last semester, is in the very same classroom that the first class i ever had at this school was in. i am sitting in the same chair i did then, in fall 2018. time is a flat circle.

i had a dream last night that a notable game developer started selling a small box you plug into your computer which allowed you to easily add george h.w. bush to your video game

something has happened to my neck and now it hurts when i look to the right. excellent

my art history professor has a flapper hairdo and i am so happy

very first handout in my very first class of the semester is printed entirely in comic sans. off to a good start

i had a dream last night that a notable game developer started selling a small box you plug into your computer which allowed you to easily add george h.w. bush to your video game

"the point is you can do some pretty cool mathematics without having a good handle on arithmetic, and people did for a long time. and in school when they tell you you need to memorize your multiplication table and graph a parabola before you can learn real mathematics, they are *lying* to you."

honestly hearing that at a very young age had an effect on me that is completely impossible to overstate

ive been awake all night to reset my sleep schedule, i just implemented persistent settings in corpse reviver, and i think i can see through time

to his credit, the binding of isaac had already come out by the time spelunky hd was released and he didn't do anything stupid like try and incorporate any of the dumb ass shit it does, so i have faith

it says a lot that my greatest fear about spelunky 2 is if derek yu dares to learn anything from the past decade of games inspired by spelunky

spelunky is so fucking good. i can't wait for spelunky 2. i bought spelunky hd on launch day and was there for all the discoveries, people finding out about the city of gold and hell and king yama, people cracking the game and finding the eggplant yama files in there to suggest maybe an eggplant run is possible, the first co-op eggplant run, people finding out that you can use the ball and chain to smash open the moai head. i can't wait for more.

and that's really the big difference; brex plays cautiously like a person just trying to pull something off for the first time. kinnijup plays fast and loose like a speedrunner, and relies on the fact that he's the best in the fucking world at the game to make up for how fast he's playing. it's really impressive.

i love all the ways they've cut down on time. brex is scared to kill shopkeepers so he has to spend at least two and a half minutes on every level to get the ghost to spawn so he can turn the gems into diamonds and get enough money to buy the ankh. kinnijup handles all the shopkeepers *amazingly* so he can just steal the ankh. brex finds the key and chest to get the udjat eye to find the black market, kinnijup doesn't bother and just hopes the black market entrance will be visible behind a tile.

i remember when the brex run was first streamed and uploaded. brex was adjacent to the nlss crew (i believe that in the vod of this when he says "hey fox" he's talking to michaelalfox, aka malf, friend of northernlion and frequent nlss cohost) so i was always aware of and in awe of his incredible spelunky performance. the day this happened people went fucking nuts. the fact that there are so many people way better at spelunky than brex is astounding to me.

there was a new spelunky eggplant% (bring an eggplant to king yama, the secret final boss) world record set yesterday and i strongly recommend watching both

the new wr, 6:42.515:

and the very first eggplant run by bananasaurus rex, 1:16:41:

friendship ended with TAROT. now HANAFUDA is my best friend

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