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im at a completely empty indian restaurant with @dankwraith ask us anything

jake rodkin saying "i need to break my family's curse. by becoming the fastest rapper alive" is still the funniest fucking thing in the entire world

the degree to which i am thoroughly soothed upon putting on episodes of important if true i've already heard while anxious in new situations is astonishing. i am a parody of myself

wikipedia needs a night mode so that when i wake up in the middle of the night and desperately need to read the entire history of laguardia airport i am not blinded

on my flight into SF I was in a row with nobody in the middle seat and a very nice woman who spent almost the whole flight knitting so basically I will never have a better experience on a plane

I'm at the metreon and gazed upon the horrible coffee robot and thought about the episode of important if true in which that horrible coffee robot features and felt like I had completed a stupid pilgrimage

hello san francisco. if you see this disheveled creature, please be nice to them

i was told that there were no teens in san francisco but this bart car is positively crawling with teens. what the hell.

I'm on BART and there's a dude here wearing a suit jacket, jeans, and a t-shirt and playing a ps vita. it's gdc.

ok there's an illustration in the airplane safety manual where the guy is wearing a sub pop shirt I'm going to die

when I type "I love", for some reason my phone suggests "mbmbam"

ban all cars and make the roads bus and bike only imo

this woman on the bus: standing *way* too close to me



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