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in just a few short hours we will be recording our episode on GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES! send questions/thoughts/a video of you crying to animeisforjerks[at], or reply to this post!!

genital surgery joke 

quote of the evening from rehearsal: "at least we had time for me to get circumcised."

me: tech rehearsal for this show is going to be a nightmare

tech rehearsal: *is a nightmare*

me: :ohgod_ohfuck:

josh sawyer is streaming fallout new vegas and i can't watch because i'm in rehearsal ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

northernlion posting 

"that baby crying actually scared the crap out of me. for a second i forgot i had a baby, and i was like, 'whose baby is that.'"

bought some stupid color changey wifi lightbulbs and i am absolutely living the dream

IN ~15 MINUTES: deadly premonition is tragically and permanently broken so SILENT HILL 2 with @catalina over at

zoom rehearsal update: stage manager's zoom name is now "clown wrangler ๐Ÿคก" and assistant stage manager's name is "assistant to the clown wrangler"

northernlion posting 

MALF: can you hear me?

RYAN: yep.

MALF: ok i cannot hear you.

RYAN: what.

you ever feel like your skull is on just a little bit too tight

medical anxiety 

i am not normally any kind of hypochondriac, but whenever i get a headache that i cannot easily identify the source of, i absolutely freak out that i have a brain aneurysm and am going to die

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