Its a blessing every time I am reminded of this BBC Radio One show from 2006

Mary Anne Hobbs - Breezeblock Dubstep Warz - BBC Radio 1 10.01.2006

thanks to @rachel who first told me about that, changed my outlook on dubstep electronic music entirely (not exaggerating)

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Was it Skrillex that brought dubstep to the mainstream awareness or was it someone else?

I feel like that was him but I'm not sure

oh god that guy from Dubstep Warz wasn't kidding

this is what subwoofers are made for

send me your favourite dubstep mixes people I want to listen to all of them

can someone with music theory knowledge explain to me why the wub wubs in dubstep sound good on subwoofers?


@staticsafe this is less of a music theory question and more of an acoustics question, but it's probably because they have a lot of low frequency, possibly even subharmonic information that regular speakers can't reproduce accurately if at all

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