my math professor:

- keeps saying "hell yeah, baby"

- writes "function" as "FUNction" with the corresponding emphasis and pause when he writes it

- went "eugh, robots" when someones siri went off in their pocket

- said "you see that show tidying up with marie kondo? every single one of these sparks joy in my heart" while going over a bunch of example problems

- said "we're gonna go ham on this then" while factoring a polynomial

this dude's enthusiasm for mathematics is genuinely infectious. I was dreading this class but I actually had a great time.

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update on math professor: he just kinda paused and looked off into space in the middle of class and wistfully went "DAMN there's so many awesome functions."

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more of my math professor:

"if you have a graph, don't worry about it. if you don't have a graph... start worrying." - on function symmetry

"The tech people they just, they don't respect me." - while wrestling with graph software

"I don't need no control panel, I'm just reading a book!" - while wrestling with adobe acrobat

"who the hell wants to cube like, negative three and do stuff to it like that."

"CAN YOU DIG IT!!" - upon graphing a function he thought was cool

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the best part about the "CAN YOU DIG IT" line was him pausing and looking around to try to figure out if a room full of 18-24 year olds would understand a reference to The Warriors, before deciding it didn't matter and saying it anyway.

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my math professor showed us an easier way to solve a problem, then wrote "ez way©" next to it on the board and said "yeah I copyrighted that shit."

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I forgot to mention that every time my math professor gives us a quiz he says "please don't get anything wrong. it makes it so much harder for me."

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: math professor has started saying "right meow" instead of "right now"

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math professor update:

- his phone went off and his ringtone was the proto man theme

- said that supplementary and complementary angles were like "when you go into vitamin world and someone says 'wow, that creatine is really working out for you!'" then punched his desk really hard

- "if you guys think rice-a-roni is the san francisco treat, you're wrong. it's cilantro."

- "it's me, I'm the april fool today"

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@prophet_goddess there’s a whole bunch of french mathematicians working on models for “the field with one element” which they’re writing F_un and calling the field “fun mathematics”

@prophet_goddess math teachers whonlike their job -really fucking love their job- and were essential to me not failing math.

@prophet_goddess ...imma be honest if I had that guy as my maths teacher I would be in love with maths too, he sounds amazing.

like a mathematics version of Bob Ross.

@dankwraith @prophet_goddess Yes, this.

"Damn, there's so many awesome functions..." *sniff*

I think I love this person. :heart_parrot:

@prophet_goddess please tell me there are t-shirts with your prof's face on them

I'll wear one

This makes me wonder what stories students are going to tell about me when I start teaching. I suppose this is what I can aspire to.

@prophet_goddess hell yeah, i had an environmental sciences professor with the exact same sense of humor

@prophet_goddess I am truly quite inspired by this. How great to love what you do so much!

@prophet_goddess I had a math professor my sophomore year who gave the best lectures I was ever privy to.
"okay, so you go out walking one day, okay... on a force field. you go out walking on a force field, just like you do every day. walk walk walk..."
"and as you go walking along, you're peeing, okay? you're just, peeing along, and your pee makes a line like this. Is that okay? are you okay?"
it's also important to mention that he has a heavy and completely divine British-Chinese accent.

@prophet_goddess I had to read this twice because this all sounds like my functional programming professor this term, who has named every week's lectures as "fun with monads," "fun with types," etc.

@prophet_goddess Are you at Pitt, by chance? That sounds an awful lot like my linear algebra prof.

@prophet_goddess @drwho Community colleges are the place to go for good math and CS teachers.

@prophet_goddess this person sounds like my college alegbra professor last year

after writing some stuff on logistics, and a formula "thats some cool stuff right there!"

Please encourage this man to contract with Khan Academy, or failing that, sign on for a You or Peer Tube channel.

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