me: hm maybe I'll do that thing @dirt sugged where I don't listen to music by men for the month of april

me, immediately upon waking up on april first:

in the spirit of listening to more music by women, I am going to recommend sofia kourtesis' self-titled EP, which is some fantastic house music and has become a staple of my work music rotation:

another album reccommendation for another day of listening to no music by men: "After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house" by Nivhek, aka Grouper, aka Liz Harris. (I'll probably also recommend a grouper album at some point this month t b h). this is a truly incredible ambient album. if you have any fondness for brian eno or aphex twin, or if you like, have ears, you owe it to yourself to listen to this.

day 3! we listened to this one last night duing the Baba Is Jazz section of the stream, it's Alice Coltrane's Journey in Satchidananda! Alice Coltrane is just extremely good, this album rules, it's got pharoah sanders on it, who is also extremely good.

day! 4! i'm sick of this chill shit let's scream really loud!! sleater-kinney is one of my favorite bands and one beat is maybe my favorite album by them!! listen to it!!

day 5! today i'm gonna recommend laura stevenson's fantastic latest album, The Big Freeze:!

laura stevenson is great! I first heard her because she opened for jeff rosenstock at a show i went to and i immediately fell in love. if you won't listen to me, at the very least listen to jeff:

day 6! today's recommendation is "lush" by snail mail:

honestly, i like this whole album, but "pristine" is the kind of song that's so good you could just stop writing songs after making it.

day 7! i almost forgot to do one today. you should listen to room 25 by noname! i challenge you to find chiller, funkier raps on god's green earth. it can't be done!

as one might have guessed by the fact that i was posting about cloudbusting earlier (cloudbustposting?), day 8's recommendation is HOUNDS OF LOVE by KATE BUSH!!

i am probably preaching extremely to the choir here but kate bush rules and hounds of love rules and i have listened to basically nothing but cloudbusting on repeat today

i forgot to do one of these yesterday so here's two!


since i was asking for house+techno by women earlier, i figured i'd contribute some excellent noisy, lo-fi, loud techno.


i got to see japanese breakfast in january and it was absolutely fantastic. really, really great indie pop in a variety of different styles.

DAY 11! today's album recommendation is DUST by LAUREL HALO:

this album is weird as hell. it sounds like if someone made cubist deep house. i absolutely love it.

day 12! today's recommend is ROSE GOLD by KITTY:

this album just came out a few days ago and reminded me of kitty, who is great and i had completely forgotten about! which is a shame!

day 13! this was inevitable, today's rec is PLATFORM by HOLLY HERNDON:

this album single-handedly expanded my brain from regular brain to galaxy brain


day 14! it's been really warm out today, so i'm going to recommend one of my favorite summer bands, 7 by BEACH HOUSE:

i really, really love beach house and 7 is maybe my favorite album by them. lush, gorgeous, engrossing dream pop. give them a listen.

day 15!!! halfway there babey!! today's recommendation is SILVER HAZE by AYE NAKO:

this album completely whips ass and is very loud and queer as hell and it rules. if you, like, me love superchunk and dinosaur jr and other such loud guitar noise, listen to this it will make your ears happy and your day better.

writing these recommendations every day is making me hyper-aware of the fact that i only have like three or four sentences that i use to describe music i like

day! 16! here's my favorite new discovery i've made doing this exercise: KELLY LEE OWENS SELF-TITLED LP:

fantastic ambient house/techno. gorgeous lush soundscapes and highly danceable rhythms. strong recommend.

ah fuck! day 18! i forgot to do one last night! (sort of a lie i thought about it but was too tired) so here's two! it's a double crutchfield special with INTROVERTED ROMANCE IN OUR TROUBLED MINDS by P.S. ELIOT:


p.s. eliot is a band featuring allison and katie crutchfield; katie would later go on to record under the name waxahatchee and allison started the band swearin'. it's all very good stuff.

@dankwraith i fuckin know right!! i cannot believe everyone is not hollering from the rooftops at all times about how great this album is!!

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