trying to schedule classes around my work schedule, my parents schedule, my degree requirements, and my goals for when i go to a four year school after community college is the stupidest knapsack problem i've ever seen

me in middle school: man i can't wait until college when i'll be able to pick what classes i take! how cool!

[finger on the monkey's paw curls]

disembodied voice: you'll still have extremely specific requirements but for some reason you'll be forced to pick classes yourself even though the constraints on what classes you can take give you no more freedom than when you were in middle school!

@prophet_goddess I got really lucky with my small liberal arts school that basically had no core course requirements outside my major. I still ended up taking some stuff I absolutely did not want to within my major tho, like a sportswriting seminar.


@srol yeah like 90% of my woes are due to the fact that i go to a community college which both has no money and is geared towards people who want to take classes in the morning and evening before/after work. it's honestly not even additional requirements outside my major -- mostly it's that i'm trying to transfer to one of the four ct state colleges and they all have conflicting and extremely picky requirements for which specific english classes do and don't count towards their BFA program

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