i had two dreams last night:

1. one in which my mom quit her job to become a news anchor

2. one in which i listened to the new lana del rey album and was surprised and delighted by it

there's absolutely no way that the new lana del rey album can be anywhere near as good as i dreamed it was so i'm definitely not going to listen to it now

i have never in my life knowingly heard an entire lana del rey song

@srol i'm pretty sure i would like her music but at this point i've gone so long without hearing it i might as well just continue until the grave, right?

@prophet_goddess this happens with me and so many artists, I think it's a instinctual defense mechanism against being disappointed

@srol oh absolutely. i absolutely cannot figure out for the life of me why some artists i'll go check out immediately and some artists i'll procrastinate on until i die.

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