on twitter the great rapper/producer 2 mello announced that he would be making some atmospheric horror audiovisuals every day for the month of october, and encouraged his followers to do the same

naturally, i had to contribute. and everyone knows whole tone scale + bass drone = instant spooky

made another one of these. just a short little loop this time. i haven't written anything in 13/8 in ages so this gave me some trouble

day 4! i'll be honest: i jacked the beat for this one from "hunter" by local connecticut band have a nice life, so naturally i chose a connecticut icon for the video: the giant light up cross in the abandoned bible themed amusement park "holy land, usa"

god connecticut is WEIRD

another one. this is clearly the music that plays while you have a really weird conversation with an ambiguously hostile stranger you just randomly stumbled across.

this one's based on a 12-tone row that i harmonized, then added a chromatic walking bassline and quintuplet swing hip hop drums to. i'm pretty happy with it.


[volume warning: pretty damn loud at points]

for today's one of these i made some noise drone. it really is amazing just how much you can fuck up a single serum instance

when you tag stuff on here "lewd" people assume it's salacious but like this is just kind of a weird online interaction i had 

inb4 ben johnston's ghost shows up at my house like "YOU WANNA SEE GALAXY BRAIN, MOTHERFUCKER! YOU WANNA DIE TONIGHT!"

ok listen i *tried* to make something spooky but instead wound up with some chill ass drum and bass. pretend to be scared, everyone

anyone who can guess what song i sampled for this gets 1 (one) point (it's pretty obvious tbh)

it's been a couple of days where i haven't had time/ideas for these, but the latest adam neely video (youtube.com/watch?v=H4KIwA8O9L) inspired me to make some 24TET spooky jams!

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