you could have a lot of fun playing around with this, with extra pins, heavier pins, lighter pins, fewer pins, strangely behaving bowling balls, your character could have several balls which each had different stats and abilities and you'd have to use them in the order they came out of the ball return machine in

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the great thing about jrpgs/instanced battles is that your battle system can be literally anything. it doesn't have to make even the slightest bit of sense. in fact, it's better if it makes no sense at all

@prophet_goddess which shows the visuals of the battle like regular JRPG stuff but your characters are, uhhhh, drawing cards? From a deck? At random?

Which then have, uhhhh

or armour
or bananas
or just straight up MAGIC

in them??????

@prophet_goddess and the number of cards anyone can have in their deck depends on person-specific clothing accessories? ??

also animals also work like that because sure why not

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