having finished the ace attorney trilogy, here is my official power ranking of major ace attorney characters

1. Godot
2. Maya Fey
3. Dick Gumshoe
4. Franziska von Karma
5. Miles Edgeworth
6. Pearl Fey
7. Mia Fey
8. Judge
1,382,438. Larry Butz


my two disappointments with the otherwise excellent final case in trials and tribulations are that

1. there wasn't some sort of object that says the time unexpectedly

2. larry butz wasn't put in prison or killed

@prophet_goddess The series made some big promises back in the very first trial of the first game it was unable to keep

@prophet_goddess In 2015 I made a Twitter account to live-tweet a replay of the game. I never made it past the second case before getting bored, but I still have all the blurry cam photos I took of my DS screen kicking around my computer.

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