yakuza zero is a pointed meditation on gentrification and late 80s neoliberal capitalist excess where also you can beat up ten guys at once by hitting them with a bicycle and go on a solo sneaking mission to buy a porn magazine from a vending machine

@er1n it's the fucking absolute best. theres also an entire fighting style dedicated to breakdancing moves and a minigame where you talk to girls on the phone by playing the worst rail shooter of all time.

@prophet_goddess @er1n the best part of the phone sex minigame is that the player character is still wearing the same facial expression he uses when he fist fights the baddies

@ben @er1n we did it for the first time on stream on wednesday and i absolutely lost my mind at the picking up the phone animation

@prophet_goddess @er1n it's a lot like GDQ is with speedruns

it's a game about a guy in an organized crime family in japan

and the part everyone is there for is all of the other parts

@prophet_goddess only one thing disappointed me about that game when I watched an LP, and it's that Majima's intro cutscene isn't his fighting style for the whole game

I feel like there's a lot of mileage in a character who just makes other people miss punches until they give up or fall out a window or something

@ben yeah, but instead majima gets to fight with *breakdancing*, which i think is a fair tradeoff

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