if i made a series of short videos on how synths work, would anyone watch that?

not a tutorial like "turn these knobs to get this sound" but going into separate components, what they do and how

@tom yeah that'd be dope

if you want to collab with someone on this I'm sure wrl would love to considering he's like, made a Real Cool Synth VST

@halcy omg shit yeah, for starters i'd go with hardware and demonstrating stuff with my modular synth tho bc it's easy to showcase the connections between things when you're literally patching wires


@tom @halcy modular synths are so good for learning about how synths work, i literally learned like a million times faster when i watched modular synth videos than just fiddling with softsynths/fixed architecture hardware synths

@prophet_goddess @halcy yeah absolutely, it's much easier to learn about the fundamentals when you can actually see the separate parts as separate parts instead of just knobs tbh

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