for $3, you can now buy CORPSE REVIVER!! kill the sun! kill god! collect blood!! lots of bullets! a good time!

lmao fuck i accidentally published the wrong version of this earlier where i left debug code in making the first two bosses inacccessible, that has been fixed now

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huge thanks to @dankwraith for pointing out that the game was weird and broken in a confusing way. fuck all y'all other motherfuckers who didn't say shit

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this is exactly like when i'm streaming and i leave the overlay up or have my mic muted for like 30 minutes without anyone saying anything until bea shows up and is like "uh am i supposed to be seeing a game?"

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i was so confused when everyone was talking about beating god already because i thought the game was way harder than that but i was ready to believe i was just scrub at my own game. but it turns out that i just left in all the code that makes the game easy so i can test shit and all of you are the scrubs

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@prophet_goddess holy crap congratulations on being the first ever encompass game

@dankwraith i realized this was going to be the case like a week ago and thought it was funny. thank you for making such a good framework!!!

@prophet_goddess "yea you've been dropping all kinds of frames for the last 2 hours"

you are exactly correct, thank u for fixing it. i will bear the mark of scrub until i kill god once more

also BUG: i did nothing but dodge and farm power-ups for so long on Death that i got so many bullets that it crashed the game after i started shooting the boss, ending the run for my hubris

@brakts lmaooo I should probably add a hard cap on how many bullets you can have

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