i figured out how to create a visual studio project using fna i am a goddamn genius

and by "figured out" i mean i finally bit the bullet and watched the fucking *terrible* video tutorial the fna wiki links to

it takes this man like nearly 20 minutes to cover what i could have understood in less than five minutes if it were written down in bullet point form


when i am queen of earth i am going to make video tutorials illegal

@prophet_goddess That's one of my frustrations with video tutorials. My other one is that I have trouble processing what I hear, and a lot of video tutorials have garbage audio quality and/or lots of mumbling, plus the closed captions are either absent or they are auto-generated with lots of errors.

@Zauberin fucking absolutely. they're so inaccessible it's outrageous. who gives a shit if hearing impaired folks can make video games, i guess 🙄

@prophet_goddess except for 3d programmes (only legal if they have the keyboard shortcut overlay on, though) please. These are good

@halcy i hate those too! just give me step by step bullet point instructions and useful screenshots.

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