i had to write a poem so i wrote a poem about how i learned that you can put a letter in your own mailbox to mail it. i couldn't think of anything else to write about and i think assuming that it had to be more complicated than that is kind of sad

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"Today I learned that
you don't have to
take a letter to the post office
to mail it.
That's what the little flag
on the mailbox is for.
I don't think anyone ever
told me otherwise,
I just assumed that nothing in the world
could be so easy
as putting a letter in my own mailbox."

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@prophet_goddess the poem that won that contest in high school was about getting mad and nude while trying to whittle

@prophet_goddess lmao i looked it up and i forgot that second And third place were both friends of mine who were actually serious about their poetry

@catalina there's nothing that will make you worse at poetry than being a teenager who is incredibly serious about poetry

@prophet_goddess another of our mutual friends was like 'i've actually never read her stuff because i'm afraid i'll think it's trash and lose respect for her'

@catalina this is a real fear. i get scared to listen to my friends music if they're not like primarily musicians for this reason.

@catalina i would consider hazel primarily a musician. they're at least like a very experienced musician. but like if you released a song i would be scared to listen to it.

@catalina what if you're a savant. a late-blooming musical genius. "the thirty-year-old mozart," they call her.

@catalina i don't know why music and poetry are the two things that it's incredibly embarrassing to be bad at. nobody cares if you make a bad painting, it's just funny. but if you write bad poetry though it's like deeply embarrassing and you must leave town

@catalina third place was also better than second place. second place was just kind of bad.

@catalina yes, but if you cut out the worst parts of yours to make it the same length as third place yours would probably be better

@prophet_goddess Listen if rupi kaur can get away with writing poems about

whatever the fuck rupi kaur's poems are about

you can write one about mailing a letter in your own mailbox

@witchfynder_finder i have never even heard of this person

mostly i feel like if ee cummings exists i have free license do do whatever the fuck i want

@prophet_goddess Do yourself a favour and don't learn who rupi kaur is if you can help it =P

But yes that's a fantastic argument

The ee cummings Defense

@witchfynder_finder my favorite ee cummings poem is this one:

"Me up at does

out of the floor
quietly Stare

a poisoned mouse

still who alive

is asking What
have i done that

You wouldn’t have"

@typhlosion @witchfynder_finder it's great. his autobiographical novel "the enormous room" about being a prisoner during world war 1 is also fantastic.

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