definitely my favorite bible thing i learned recently is that none of the gospels actually specify how many wise men visit jesus, just that they brought three gifts. in catholicism it is therefore assumed that there were three wise men, but orthodox christians assume twelve, but who knows. maybe it was 69 magi. just hangin out. world magi convention 4BC

@prophet_goddess I love that we, Catholics, are like 'No one person shows up without bringing a gift, so OBVIOUSLY IT'S THREE.'

@Cyborgneticz @prophet_goddess that one wise man who definitely spent over the limit on his gift and we just have to pretend it’s fine

@mood @prophet_goddess ' brought gold? you literally just brought gold, really? I can't BELIEVE this we all agreed'

@prophet_goddess @mood 'this is why we Said that we would bring things that SMELL NICE tell you what once we get home I'm done with you, we had a theme and you just Had to be different'

@prophet_goddess Imagine how awkward it would be.

You just spent over a month traveling to see this holy child, and to your horror, you suddenly realize that the OTHER magi brought gifts.

@apLundell @prophet_goddess

let's just say the frankincense is a group gift and put all our names on the card, right? that fair?

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