if you're making a racing game with sick jumps, just chuck a high pass filter on the master audio track whenever i'm in the air. i promise you it will whip ass

one thing you should never do with a high pass filter is put it on when i pause the game. i know it sounds cool but i need to hear what the game actually sounds like when i adjust the volume. if you're going to do this at least take the filter off when i select the volume controls

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also as very funny as the deus ex "I SPEEL MY DRINK!" thing is, it actually whips to put a little voice clip that plays whenever you adjust the voice volume, or a little sfx that plays when you adjust the sfx volume. i did this with nullpointer, it was super easy, and it made the sfx volume slider way more useful.

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@dankwraith yeah there's actually a ton of uses for a good filter for game feel purposes but i'm playing redout which does this specific thing so i was thinking about how much it whips

@prophet_goddess It still boggles my mind that some games don't play a relevant sample when you adjust volume sliders. I feel like we've gotten worse about this compared to the past

@witchfynder_finder it's so weird! and yeah, you're totally right, it definitely seems to have gotten less common. maybe it died the same death as the sound test.

@HereticSoul yeah! i picked it up in the summer sale and it whips, it does this so i posted about how cool it was

@prophet_goddess hell yeah, I've found it simultaneously relaxing and intense at the same time

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