watching northernlion play chess on is great because the software like categorizes your game based on your opening so it'll be like "ah you're playing the italian game, two knights defense" or "ah, the ruy lopez" and like as far as i'm concerned these names might as well be procedurally generated

feel like there should be like a late 90s or early 00s british sketch comedy show with a skit entirely premised on coming up with wacky fake names for chess openings

very clearly picturing richard ayoade and matthew holness sitting across from each other at a chess table as a calm voiceover says like "ah as you can see richard is playing the spanish llama gambit, let's see if matt responds with his typical cold spaghetti defense"

the second game in this video is the "four knights game: double spanish, nimzowitsch variation" which is the fakest shit in the universe

double spanish!!

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