you ever think about how weird it is that the word "hello" as a greeting is only like 200 years old and before then it was like exclusively an expression of surprise


also everyone should constantly be lamenting that we live in a world where thomas edison got his way and we say "hello" when picking up the phone instead of alexander graham bell's suggestion, which was that we answer the phone by saying "ahoy"

@prophet_goddess I don't say "hello" or "ahoy". Instead, I say "meat department"

@prophet_goddess I just say hei but now I'm contemplating nautical greetings

@prophet_goddess @witchfynder_finder this led me down a Wikipedia rabbit hole wherein I discovered that, of course, there is an edit war going on over who really invented the telephone. Lots of passive-aggressive [citation needed], plus walls of text on the talk page. Oh, Wikipedia.

@prophet_goddess oh, thank you, I am just going to use ahoy now! what a nice one.

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