every couple of years a game comes out that makes like half decent use of tracking stats and variables to determine what dialogue the player sees and every single time people lose their fucking minds about it and pretend it's never been done before


i swear to god the only people dumber than people who make games are people who write about games

what an astounding dialogue system, where every time i die some npcs say one of the same three things to me and every time i pick up a boon some other npcs say one of the same five things to me. my mind is truly blown

@prophet_goddess i think really this shows that most games are so lackadaisical about dialogue that we are impressed when anyone goes even a little further beyond. like yeah its simple but it is effective compared to the vast majority of what games do

@dankwraith yeah its really effective. real effective at making me skip all the dialogue

@dankwraith it's just that i spend so much time playing amazing games that nobody cares about (like jimmy and the pulsating mass, which i've been streaming and loving), and instead i get to watch people heap mountains of praise on undeserving games that are the same reheated garbage we've been eating for years. hades is just enter the gungeon is just the binding of isaac. ive been playing the same game for ten years, i'm so tired

@prophet_goddess this is where i benefit from having skipped basically every roguelite since binding of isaac 10 years ago

@dankwraith yeah it really isn't individual people liking it that bothers me, whatever, it's a fine game. but it's writers and critics who should like know better and do the slightest modicum of research but instead just say whatever they think is true and dismiss anyone who points out they're wrong as being a gamer dudebro

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