if i were to organize and direct a mastodon community theater "radio play" style production (i.e. livestreamed, audio only) of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, would anybody... want to participate?


here is a form where you can sign up for auditions for a live radio play production of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST! NO ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED


also sign up with this form if you are interested in working in the behind-the-scenes aspects (looking for graphic designers, sound designers, anyone with experience doing live sound, anyone with experience clown wrangling)

I will be getting back to everyone who applies as soon as possible!

(pls boost!)

hi! i'm going to start sending out emails about this today. looking to start doing auditions within the week.

remember when i said i would send out emails yesterday? i lied. i sent them out today. just now, in fact.

(you can still sign up! i will be sending out the same email to anyone who signs up until every role is cast.)

@prophet_goddess I so want to join but after having to give up what I was planning for the chess tournament, it's maybe better if I sit out signing up for things for a month or so

@h_m_m go ahead, sign up! it's no big deal if you have to back out, honestly.

@prophet_goddess I am happy to commission a designer I know to do some really good promo graphics if you want that

@prophet_goddess oh, i have some local friends not on masto i can share this with, if that's cool.

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