i want a deep dive into why chess bots love 1. c4 so damn much

@prophet_goddess my understanding is the English opening (1. c4) is more flexible and prevents white from having to commit to more traditional openings where some defenses are actually now quite successful

@foggy yeah i mean like, i get why people play it, but like *every time* i play a chess bot with a rating of over 1300 it plays 1. c4, which is weird because you pretty rarely see 1.c4 in games by human grandmasters, where 1. d4 and 1. e4 still dominate. i'm curious if there's something about the way computers play that makes them like c4.

@prophet_goddess it makes sense to me why a computer would want a more transpositional opening; or, at least, it makes sense why they would do e4 at least

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