planet coaster was on sale so i picked it up and it is INSANE that in this theme park tycoon came you can zoom into the drink stalls and count the bottles on the shelf


the thing about planet coaster is that stuff like this aside i actually kind of like it less than rct2?

the fact that you're no longer constrained to a grid is nice if you're into that but for me, someone who's really bad at building things, it just makes all my parks look hideous because nothing is aligned.

the controls for building things are really finicky too. comparing it to cities skylines as a modernization of a 90s sim series, skylines just blows it out of the water

@prophet_goddess RCT1 (and 2, though I didn't play it as much) has a charm that hasn't been replicated IMHO.

It's still enjoyable to play 20 years later.

@cr1901 @prophet_goddess my impression is that rct1 (and probably rct2) was made by someone who had the time and motivation to get everything right and as a result it's really well-crafted on basically every level.

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