i've been watching a bunch of technology connections videos and it has thrown into sharp relief how i know literally almost nothing about electricity


i have known since i was a child that alternating current means the current "switches direction" 60 times a second (or 50 times a second, euros) but i justt now realized that i have no idea what that means and it makes zero sense to me

@prophet_goddess If your confusion comes where I think it does: the electrons don't physically move like they do in the diagrams/visualizations. The current is moving properly even though the polarity switches rather than "jiggling" in place.

@ari i understand the first sentence but the second sentence is nonsense to me

@prophet_goddess We're hung up in different places then, no worries ^^ My issue with getting it was like "if the current flow is just bouncing back and forth all the time how does any energy actually flow"

@prophet_goddess besides knowing the basic components and the most basic circuits, i don't really understand the fundamentals, although it's always been on my list of things i want to learn since like high school.

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