one of wikipedia's great pleasures is stumbling on an article on something obscure clearly written in a single draft by one very strange person. it's a small human connection on a website absolutey not designed for that.

@prophet_goddess yeah, some articles are very much a labor of love and I dread the day when one of the more rules-abiding editors nukes the thing calling it "cruft". Jason Scott once spent a whole keynote upbraiding us for having the temerity to ever delete anything

@danielhglus someone i follow on twitter pointed out that some time ago, someone removed the hilarious telex conversation between london and the falkland islands after the 1982 invasion for being "too much detail" and i just want to know what it's like having no soul.

@prophet_goddess what?! sheesh, we need "wikipedia: the good parts: the wiki", and we needed it 15 years ago

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