my favorite thing about this ad, by far, is the weird fully justified text that makes it say "egg becomes square."

not to complain, increased egg cuber awareness is always a good thing

i boosted the egg cuber post again because i was once again thinking about the egg cuber and so many people have replied to me this time about how they used to own an egg cuber. i kind of didn't believe they were 100% real so this fills me with joy.

@prophet_goddess practically, how else are you going to stack your eggs?

@prophet_goddess putting an egg cube in my drink like an ice cube


My family had one of these growing up.

I think my parents got it at a white elephant. We certainly never bothered to use it.

@prophet_goddess my friend found a l o n g e g g maker in a charity shop and i have never been more thrilled

@prophet_goddess maybe the world is finally ready for the egg cube—and its superior variant, the Eggsicle

@prophet_goddess “Screw top down until egg becomes square” sounds like what the grumps did to me in childhood.

@prophet_goddess @halcy this is affecting me like I’ve seen scientific proof of something from a fever dream, I think either I saw the ad or a relative owned one

@prophet_goddess @halcy have confirmed that my family actually owned one of these

@prophet_goddess I need this in my life. I requires an egg to b e c o m e square

@prophet_goddess When I was 8 I bought one of these for a nickel at a church thrift sale. I made square eggs at every opportunity. The Egg Cuber left my life about a year later at a garage sale. It's like a fever dream.

@prophet_goddess I just have one question: why? What's the point of doing that?

@Wrath @prophet_goddess i had that thing as a child and all i can say is: square eggs! what's not to love about that? ☺

@prophet_goddess i loved this when I was little.
i spent so many hours becoming a square

@prophet_goddess if bad kids get put into the pear wiggler, do good kids get an egg cuber?

@prophet_goddess “Best results if EGG CUBER has been chilled”. Using “best” in the very broadest sense of the word, there

@prophet_goddess holy shit my grandma actually had one of these because my mom remembers it

@prophet_goddess I don't really eat eggs anymore, but this sounds interesting.

@prophet_goddess My absolute favorite part of this is the implication that it needs no use cases to sell. Like, you already know you want square eggs, this is what makes it happen. Go get it.

@prophet_goddess With the german youth magzine #Yps, "the machine to make quadratic eggs" came as gimmick a few times:

Although Yps, an 80ies legend, is no more, something similar to that egg cuber still seems to be available available:

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