people often point out that city planning that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit actually makes driving better too, which is true and probably good marketing/optics for sustainable city planning, but i wish it wasn't true because i hate drivers and want them to suffer

i mean i also hate it because while it is a decent counterargument against the "but i like driving!!!" freaks, it is exhausting to treat people who feel the status quo benefits them like they are the protagonists of reality. the truth is that even if sustainable, transit-focused city planning made life less convenient for everyone it would still be necessary because the alternative is we all keep driving cars and the earth becomes uninhabitable

@emma yeah i've seen this video, and watching it was what prompted me to make the original post. did you even read what i posted?


You didn't mention the video, and while it was not my intent to be dismissive, it appears that I came across as dismissive and I apologize.

@prophet_goddess actually, good city planning makes driving less convenient

@noiob this is not true, or at least is only a half-truth. good city planning means that for most journeys driving will not be the best or most convenient option, true, but getting people out of cars reduces traffic on roads which means journeys that must be taken by car, like transporting lumber or rushing to the hospital, become easier.

for more info:

@prophet_goddess yeah, but if you reduce traffic too much induced demand means more people will drive

@noiob this is not true and not how induced demand works. induced demand only happens when supply increases, and reducing traffic doesn't increase road capacity. the roads don't get any wider, so the total supply stays the same, consumption just goes down

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