watching a minecraft video where the host (ethoslab) is trying to explain note blocks to his audience and is confused about why B# and C are the same note and i'm just like "i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm trying to remove it"

"well people in the past wanted C major to have no sharps and no flats in its key signature."

"why C major and not, like, A major?"

"look. literally nobody has any idea. i'm sorry"

all you need to know is that if you are ever writing a chord symbol or anything down and you have to write "B#", you have either made a terrible mistake or you are doing something EXTREMELY complicated and i cannot help you.

@prophet_goddess Much easier to explain if you have a piano keyboard in front of you.

@srol yeah my first instrument was the guitar and i was confused by this for AGES until i learned a little bit of piano in a music class and then suddenly everything made sense.

@prophet_goddess Yeah, I'm the exact opposite. I started playing piano at age 5 and of course B# would be C, there's no black key there. But if I look at a guitar tablature, my eyes go crosseyed, I can't even parse it.

@srol i like the guitar and other similarly laid out instruments (like those ableton live launchpads) because they make it so it's the same playing in every key, you just move up or down and the shapes stay the same, but it sure does make a lot of stuff about music theory make a lot less sense.

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