i am once again trying to learn how C build systems work and the frustrating thing about it isn't *just* that it's complicated, it's that everyone who does it already learned how to do it twenty years ago so there are absolutely zero decent resources online for learning how to do it

update on this: i have spent the entire day since posting this tweet (barring a few meal breaks) working on this with the extremely kind and generous help of @dankwraith and we have gotten... one of two libraries working.

if anyone has any experience statically linking pdcurses with cmake (or hell, i'll take dynamic linking at this point), i'm all ears

@lritter this joke is at two thousand likes and rising on twitter lmao

@prophet_goddess by the way, my favorite build system is premake/genie. a friend hooked me up many years ago and i have not looked back since. now all that's left for me is to curse at other project's cmake spam

@lritter @prophet_goddess (yep it's good; xmake is very similar too and can be an easier sell for some folks for some reason)

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