this video popped up in my recommendations yesterday and i have been thinking about it nonstop ever since. highly recommend that you just watch it without looking at how long it is, and try to guess when you think it might be over soon.

@prophet_goddess There's like 4 different things I could be saying "holy fuck" to and I want you to know that the correct reading is all of them at once

@witchfynder_finder my favorite thing, and it is hard to pick just one thing, but it might be the performance instruction "(whilst standing on one leg)"

@witchfynder_finder also this is enhanced significantly by the fact that i know next to *nothing* about jethro tull and now i'm like, does jethro tull whip ass?? has jethro tull whipped ass the whole time???

@prophet_goddess Jethro Tull kinda does whip ass, yeah. I think everyone is surprised when they learn this

@io thank you!! i'm working on expanding it into a full track lol

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