IN ~1HR: PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY with @catalina over at!! phoenix wright will apparently stop being an attorney in just three short days so get in while you still can!!

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i just got home from picketing all day and i'm very tired but in ~40 minutes we're going to play a video game!! probably hollow knight but who knows!!!!

what i need to be doing: writing a paper for my economics class that's due tomorrow

what i am doing:

ok in ~30 minutes we're going to play SOMETHING and it's probably going to be a SUPER NINTENDO JRPG but i haven't figured out which one yet

day 5! today i'm gonna recommend laura stevenson's fantastic latest album, The Big Freeze:!

laura stevenson is great! I first heard her because she opened for jeff rosenstock at a show i went to and i immediately fell in love. if you won't listen to me, at the very least listen to jeff:

me: hm maybe I'll do that thing @dirt sugged where I don't listen to music by men for the month of april

me, immediately upon waking up on april first:

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