the drain story single art sucked in a way that ruled! this sucks in a way that sucks lmao

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lmao new bladee has the worst fucking album art i have ever seen in my life

northernlion posting 

bro where are they expecting 4th graders to be familiar with the great gatsby. the titular gatsby gets murdered in his own swimming pool after taking the fall for daisy running over a woman with his car

dragon quest contains some of the most galaxy brained shit i have ever seen in an rpg: you have to rescue a princess, and when you do, she says she wants to "give you [her] love," and then you get an literal item in your inventory called "gawelin's love" and when you use it she tells you how much xp you have before you level up and then says i love you

i started using again so here's what i've been listening to this past month

i'm playing through the first kings field game and the very best source of information on this game is this old website i had to dig up on the wayback machine which has maps of every floor that look like they were drawn with magic marker

every time i play super mega baseball 3 i am haunted by @dankwraith's absolutely insane high score

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