they put a fucking standup meeting in this show. too real

i was curious what other animal kanji use the component 犭, and monkey (猿) does. and then i saw that the example words using that kanji on jisho were:

- ape man
- damages inflicted by monkeys
- ape man again

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thinking about this revolutionary girl utena interview again (KI is kunihiko ikuhara, director of the anime, CS is chiho saito, creator of the manga)

the best shit in the company i work at's office:

- virtual on saturn controller we use to prop up the webcam in the conference room
- ι›»θ»Šγ§GO! controller
- long sonic
- kirby otamatone

northernlion posting 

"I'm not a hair stylist, i don't care what hair style you have, but why do they only have hair styles for like, assholes and proud boys"

streaming myself trying to learn the elden ring no wrong warp any% speedrun (lol)

LA lex is just instagram, complete with tedious misspelled grindset motivational posts

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