imagine taking photos this cursed and thinking "yeah, i should post these to get people to rent this apartment"

we return to the world of beloved nintendo DS visual novels that i have never played with 999: NINE HOURS NINE PERSONS NINE DOORS with @catalina over at!!

tim rogers: how many minutes of analysis are you on

polyon: uhh i dunno 16 or 17 i guess

tim rogers: you are a little baby. watch this

planet coaster was on sale so i picked it up and it is INSANE that in this theme park tycoon came you can zoom into the drink stalls and count the bottles on the shelf

just found out what british people call a police lineup and i'm going to need an apology from the entire united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland

redline is not a good movie but it did give me this screenshot so it can't be all bad

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