@Manurweibling oh i totally understand that concept, i would do the same thing as a kid bc connecticut summers are deceptively humid but like... every room in the house????

@Manurweibling it's los angeles so fairly hot but i've looked at a lot of LA apartments this month and most of them are not entirely ceramic

who is renovating an apartment and decides that every single surface should be ceramic

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@quowel the tiny sink is so weird, but i am really taken aback by the bathroom tile floor living room/entrance area

@dankwraith i've looked at a *lot* of apartment listings this month, and this is the only one that gives off the aura of a murder having taken place in every room

imagine taking photos this cursed and thinking "yeah, i should post these to get people to rent this apartment"

@dankwraith yeah i mean the fact that targeted ads don't really work is the reason why ad CPMs have been plummeting for a decade now and will continue to go down

@dankwraith yeah ultimately all its done is make the examples that marx gives slightly out of date sounding to americans because most people here dont work in factories anymore

@srol i mean he literally becomes darth vader later so i would guess "no"

deriving the pronunciation of japanese words from the hepburn romanization: pretty easy, gets you pretty close

deriving the pronunciation of mandarin words from the pinyin romanization: good luck you piece of shit

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