"social media is bad for nuance" is one of those opinions like "bacon and eggs is good hangover food" that everyone says as though they came up with it and don't realize that everyone else has already heard it a million times

@dankwraith as louis says in angels in america: any religion that's less than 2000 years old is a cult

the drain story single art sucked in a way that ruled! this sucks in a way that sucks lmao

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lmao new bladee has the worst fucking album art i have ever seen in my life

i have now finished 13 sentinels: aegis rim. holy shit. everyone should play that game. difficult to overstate the monumentality of its narrative design achievements

@dankwraith why does magnus carlsen, the largest grandmaster, not simply eat the other grandmasters

@srol i recently read the plot synopsis of that book on wikipedia, because i knew nothing about it besides the fact that it was like an absolutely enormous earth shattering best seller, and it brought me absolutely no closer to understanding why

@dankwraith yeah hikaru did that bongcloud marathon stream basically to prove that openings don't matter and that if you're good you can win no matter what you do for an opening

@dankwraith one of the clearest cut use cases for a big box game engine is if you need to churn out infinite nearly identical crap without regards for quality, which is why the number one customers are slot machine companies and mobile game companies

@dankwraith many years ago i remember applying to a bunch of jobs looking for unity programmers and solidly 90% of them were gambling companies that disguised themselves as game developers in the job description

lmao one of godot engine's top tier sponsors is "gamblify," a company which "build[s] innovative products for the gambling industry" and whose "3D slot-games have revolutionized the danish market"

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