@hellojed yeah that's what i would do too, i thought you were talking about playerprefs. if you include the C# system file i/o libraries you can read/write whatever the hell you want to a file though, i did that for astaeria

@hellojed you could probably serialize whatever you want into json and store it in playerprefs as a string. i dunno if that's good form, but you could do it.


lewd inference 

@dankwraith it's a low bar but it's increasingly difficult to find people who clear it these days

he also had huge sideburns and i had seen him in the store previously wearing a DEVO shirt. who is this man

yesterday a man came to my register looking more tired than i've ever seen a person looking wearing a foam cowboy hat and huge novelty rhinestone sunglasses and i've never wanted to hear how someone's day was going more

fun fact: the main local newspaper where i live is called the "republican american", proud holder of the title of Connecticut's Most Racist Newspaper

oh man i just remembered a fantastic interaction i had at work the other day

WOMAN WALKING UP TO THE REGISTER, TALKING TO HER HUSBAND: is the new york post like a legitimate newspaper or is it like a tabloid?


ME: people who read the post would like to think it is.

for like multiple weeks now protonmail has been stuck thinking i have one unread email even though i'm actually at inbox zero and it's Haunting Me

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