@Lexi @em Keith rules and he is extremely funny and good on friends at the table. an incredible bluff he tries to pull in the first few episodes of counter/weight is actually what sold me on fatt when I first started listening.

food lewd cursed 

@em honestly not voting is the dumbest shit people i agree with do, it takes like 10 minutes and literally can only help things

yeah i know blah blah blah legitimizing the apparatus of the state blah blah blah people are going to die.

@em friends at the table is so much better than the adventure zone it's embarrassing. it's got like, actual queer and poc representation instead of just four white guys pretending to be marginalized people, austin walker is an absolutely incredible gm with a ton of experience, and they play games that are actually good instead of dungeons and dragons

@em honestly the more time passes since listening to it the more i sour on the entire thing. i only put up with any of it cause the mcelroys are funny and charming, and like, i already listen to mbmbam. it really just reminds me too much of my own early attempts at dungeon mastery when i was like 12, before i realized that having everyone participate in building the world and telling the story was way more fun and interesting and if i wanted to tell My Special Story i could just write a novel

@em fucking..........exactly. if you're not actually interested in the mechanics of collaborative storytelling just make shitty welcome to night vale

@em fortunately friends at the table exists and is infinitely better in every way

@em i kinda liked taz for a while and then the suffering game and the beginning of the last arc made me so mad i stopped listening forever

good news: the replacement power cable for my malfunctioning monitor has arrived at long last from alibaba

bad news: all it has done is show that the problem is with the power socket on my monitor and not with the cable

probably not a good idea to read if the idea of getting stuck in an elevator makes you nervous 

just described protonjon as "the robert caro of let's plays" and that's about everything you need to know about me


both cw post and john harvey kellogg were truly awful people who had a weird bitter breakfast-cereal fueled rivalry. breakfast cereal was like the quinoa of its day, it was this wild pseudoscientific health food craze. also john harvey kellogg thought corn flakes would make you stop jacking off

c.w. post, the inventor of grape nuts

1. suffered a mental breakdown as a result of being overworked at his job manufacturing farm equipment

2. fucking hated trade unions

now that's what we call a Galaxy Brain

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