@freedcreative oh man, you are going to love the japanese words for "university" (倧学, "big study"), "volcano" (火山, "fire mountain"), and "bleeding" (ε‡Ίθ‘€, "exit blood")

i'm looking at the guy right now and he is literally pointing a leaf blower at the asphalt

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every week, sometimes it feels like multiple times a week, my landlord has a guy come and do yardwork on my apartment complex, and i literally don't know how because there is no vegetation of any kind anywhere on the property

i brought up this completely deranged mashup last night during stream and i've listened to it like ten times since then and it's been stuck in my head constantly soundcloud.com/user-205926060/

knowing the words "to grow" (η”Ÿγˆγ‚‹), and "every july" (ζ―ŽδΈƒζœˆοΌ‰has me well on my way to being alble to translate the orson welles frozen peas commercial into japanese

apparently "caterpillar" derives from the latin for "cat fur" which only raises further questions

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learning japanese has made me really consider how weird the word "caterpillar" is compared to the much more sensible γ€Œζ―›θ™«γ€("fur bug")

@srol i'm probably going to go some time this week to see it. very excited.

@srol i saw it described on twitter as "specifically for the person who's into medieval literature AND their favorite part of 2001 A Space Odyssey is the last third with the mosquito chorus." and i have never seen my exact demographic described so precisely

the lord keeps us humble by making grated cheese delicious but also making cheese graters the biggest pain in the ass to clean

@NecroTechno i don't know if there's a single person who likes or makes so-called "idm" who doesnt hate that name and go to great lengths to call it anything else

@dankwraith the nft thing was exactly like the gamestop stock thing in that by the time anyone who isn't a shithead heard about it it was too late to make any money off it. shame

@srol the way that people decide whether they like or hate something these days is that they imagine a person they hate and if that person would like it they get frothing mad about it.

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