@fillertrack singing this to the tune of "anyone can play guitar" by radiohead

the concept of "blendo games slaughterhouse five video game adaptation" has been planted in my brain and i can no longer rest

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"US States No Outlines" - the hardest quiz in the history of sporcle, locked by a moderator after 12,239 failed egg attempts

@acciomath it doesn't *seem* that different to me while i'm doing it and then i look at it after it's done and i'm like "wait a minute, this looks like shit!!!"

the nail polish on my left hand: :kirby_happy:

the nail polish on my right hand: :ohgod_ohfuck:

painted my nails and somehow managed to get some nail polish in my mouth, which i do not recommend

watching nl play a bunch of hitman 3 has me going back and watching the best video giant bomb dot com has ever produced


cancel culture is out of control. for instance, the mattress i ordered that was supposed to be delivered today was cancelled without the company telling me and now i don't have a mattress

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HITMAN CHARACTER: how do you have a meaningful conversation with a man who only cares about plants?

RYAN: every time i talk to malf i ask myself the same question.

ok the second mission in hitman 3 is straight up just the plot of knives out with agent 47 as daniel craig (minus foghorn leghorn voice) so i take back everything nice i have ever said about hitman

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hitman is good in many ways but i think it's underrated how good it is as a game about murdering rich assholes

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