do you think anyone has ever played strip nine mens morris

Uff turns out if they increase dosage that also means the bill goes up cuz more pills. The next pharmacy bill is around 60$ and is gunna eat into some of my electric bill money. If you can spare a few bucks Iโ€™d be grateful.$fillertrack

@dankwraith i hope that i die without ever learning what systemd is or why people don't like it

i just saw footage of monster train for the first time and it's like they saw how ugly slay the spire is and decided to take it as a challenge

being awake during the day :drake_dislike:

being awake at night :drake_dislike:

being awake :drake_dislike:

being asleep :drake_like:

@dankwraith yeah and the only thing that's fun about the game is that the shooting feels fantastic, but the level, enemy, and encounter design is so bad that the shooting is never fun. it has some of the best feeling guns i've ever used in a video game and it's not fun to shoot things. how do you fuck that up??

@dankwraith it is really truly awful. it's more offensive to me than most bad video games because i think about how much time and money and hours of human life went into making something that just *sucks*. and how much attention money like that just gets you automatically even if you suck shit. it's infuriating.

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on the other hand, the word for "university" is ใ€Œๅคงๅญฆใ€: "big study", so i forgive this language all its transgressions, that's hilarious.

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the word in japanese for "irony" or "sarcasm" is ใ€Œ็šฎ่‚‰ใ€which is the kanji for "skin" and "meat" next to each other. i have no idea what to make of this

@dankwraith i mean i think the real thing everyone forgets is that linguistic ambiguity is good, actually

spelunky 2 is so good. it's so good!! obvs all the stuff i saw in videos is there but actually playing it... it's so good. something the videos i saw didn't convey was just how much better it feels to play now! everything is just a little tighter, a little smoother. the menu animatons are all a little faster, too. it is everything that spelunky was, refined and reorganized to fit in a whole universe of new stuff. i am completely in love.

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ok i have found a word that makes me feel dumber than ๅฅณ็Ž‹: the japanese word for blue isใ€Œ้’ใ„ใ€which is pronounced ใ€Œใ‚ใŠใ„ใ€/"aoi"

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@noiob well actually if you'd read 17776 you'd know that medals and winning and losing aren't the point, the point is that all human activity is just pointlessly killing time and sports are the purest expression of this fact

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