@catalina @dankwraith do we only have one lifetime between us because we are soulbound somehow

actually don't answer that, the answer is obviously yes

@catalina @dankwraith big schlongs were here thousands of years before you were born and they will be here thousands of years after you die

you are nothing to the big schlongs

@catalina @dankwraith are you trying to tell the big schlongs what the best time to release their spores is

do you think you know better than the big schlongs

@dankwraith @catalina its the time of year when the big schlongs open up and release their spores

they played the lick and everyone went fucking nuts

(it's sungazer and shubh saran at rockwood music hall)

since @prophet_goddess is off having a life i'm gonna steal their timeslot and stream something in 20 min twitch.tv/miss_input

valve killed campo santo and idle thumbs never forget it

thinking about that bit from one of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy books where they stumble upon that airplane that's had a delayed flight for all eternity

I remain stuck on a train in New Rochelle. I want to get off mr bones wild ride

train update: the train is stuck in New Rochelle, the worst fate that can befall mankind

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