@gravezwave the first guy who popped into my head for "dracula of academia" was noam chomsky and i think that might be it

@gravezwave 100%. people who started a doctorate but didn't complete it will tell you all sorts of stories about how they got fed up with academia, but the reality is they learned the truth and decided to become doctor hunters

@gravezwave if your university is across a river from where you live, you're completely fucked. important information for harvard and mit grad students who live in boston

@gravezwave apples are to people with doctorates what garlic is to vampires. if you're a doctor of letters you'll still get fucked up by an apple. also they can't cross running water and can't enter a house without being invited.

@staticsafe gritty is, actually, the perfect creature to represent the soul of philadelphia.

@bobby_newmark "antanime," a chalky tablet you can take after experiencing anime to counteract the effects.

@tom do you... do you not have names for different kinds of sandwiches?

@tom there are so many kinds of sandwiches, though! like if you go into a sandwich shop and order A Sandwich they'll have no idea what to give you!

@tom "grinder" is absolutely the funniest one for me/the one that most pins me as being from where i'm from, literally nowhere except mass and connecticut call it a grinder

@catalina i also noticed this and thought of you and your horrible taste immediately

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