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a good fuckin way to get on my nerves is to recommend software to me when i did not specifically ask for software recommendations

me, starting a project: man, dynamic typing is fine, i don't get the big deal

me, several weeks into the project: dynamic typing was created by the devil to make us all miserable. i will never leave you again my statically typed wife

this is not actually particularly impressive to look at by definition BUT: i began to embark on a complete rewrite of my dungeon crawler project in haxe+heaps because i made some big mistakes and grew to loathe moonscript, and i've now totally re-implemented the renderer!! woo!!

there is no greater release of stress than when you think a bug is due to some subtle complicated misunderstanding and then it turns out you just forgot a function call

for some reason my youtube recommendations have filled up with covers of white winter hymnal, a song I have not thought about in years. I have not clicked on any of them but youtube is extremely intent on making me feel like it's 2008 again

(i'm gonna stream still it'll just be a half hour late [so in ~15 minutes]

count this as your announcement post

i was just, completely entranced by nick breckon streaming dark souls and completely forgot that i, too, must stream

i feel really bad but i'm looking at pictures of axolotls and that's good

on the bright side i'm listening to blonde (by frank ocean) for the first time in a while and that's still a great album.

i have a midterm in my math class on wednesday and this is the first time in my entire life i've ever been nervous about a test. this sucks ass

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