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day 13! this was inevitable, today's rec is PLATFORM by HOLLY HERNDON:

this album single-handedly expanded my brain from regular brain to galaxy brain

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my shoulder is extremely sore for reasons i cannot comprehend. what did i do to deserve this

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day 12! today's recommend is ROSE GOLD by KITTY:

this album just came out a few days ago and reminded me of kitty, who is great and i had completely forgotten about! which is a shame!

hollow knight was destroying the stream so we're playing lsd dream emulator

i just got home from picketing all day and i'm very tired but in ~40 minutes we're going to play a video game!! probably hollow knight but who knows!!!!

special thanks to BBC radio 4's in our time podcast and friends at the table for keeping me from going nuts while standing around in the cold

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standing outside in the cold for five hours wearing a sign and doing nothing is truly vastly more enjoyable than my actual job

DAY 11! today's album recommendation is DUST by LAUREL HALO:

this album is weird as hell. it sounds like if someone made cubist deep house. i absolutely love it.

the grocery store i work at is on strike!!! holy shit!!

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