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honestly once you record something as good as 'alice' from monoliths&dimensions, there's nowhere to go but down

god the new sunn o))) album fucking rules. it's not monoliths and dimensions good but it *is* black one good, and that's something

last night i had the second dream about quitting my job in as many weeks. wonder what that could possibly mean

i've heard alot about this final fantasy game but i've never played it so here goes!!!!

definitely one of the strangest slow motion heel turns this decade has been the humble bundle, which went from letting me buy braid and VVVVVV in 2011 for a dollar therefore introducing me to the rest of my fucking life to hocking books about bitcoin investing and buying gold

my dog is bummed because my dad is out of town and i went to go give him a treat and tossed it to him expecting him to catch it but it just hit him in the face and i felt so bad i've never seen a sadder sight in my life

no four words in the english language are more cursed than 'chapo trap house subreddit'

i am listening to the new holly herndon album and my brain is being forcibly expanded to galaxy size

it is *extremely* a japanese video game from 1999, in both the best ways and worst ways possible. the music whips ass but one of the characters said a slur on the first stream, is what I mean.

i have no idea if the silver case is good. it sure is some extremely stylish nonsense though.


every time I make a post specifically to appeal to gdkar and they fav it I am filled with a divine warmth

"I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" is a pointed morality tale about the dangers of being too horny (namely that you will forget your wallet in El Segundo). In this essay I will



IN ~1HR: we've finished phoenix wright, time for a quick break! it's gonna be THE SILVER CASE with @catalina over at!!

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