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lockdown is a tremendous amazing royalty free horn section funk song that seems like it was written by someone who learned what metaphors are five minutes ago and didn't understand it. it's completely perfect.

however abby said she doesn't understand why people like lockdown so much and so abby is cancelled forever sorry

there's an incredible like three second dead air in the episode where the only sound is abby EXTREMELY LOUDLY eating a crouton and it's the funniest fucking thing i've ever heard.

there are so many people in the comments of the first episode of my third first e3 being EXTREMELY MAD about abby and ben eating food while podcasting and i am fucking LIVING

my first e3 is the most avant-garde podcast available anywhere

the fact that the giant bomb e3 set has replaced the chalkboard with a tv is a crime and i will see them all in the hague

inadvertently cultivating a reputation as a late-night Taco Bell lascivious weedlord

every year i'm like "there's no way they're going to do shows as good as last year's" and then matt kessler gets banned from twitter for threatening to kill dave lang and i am proven wrong again

at least i am not working during the only good part of e3, the giant bomb @ nite streams

i enjoy watching the giant bomb duders talk over the presentations and talking shit on twitter is fun but like it's probably not actually good for me

i barely have any hours at work this week but the hours i do have are basically all precisely placed during the e3 press conferences, which is probably for the best

giant bomb posting 

giant bomb posting 

mention of something gross related to the death of an animal but in a very clinical academic way but also a shitpost 

giant bomb posting 

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