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@prophet_goddess medieval text voice the foule hejj hogge consumeth naught but the processéd innardes of the swine

had another old lady yell at me for not adhering to her inscrutable, unspoken preferences for bagging groceries so I'm pleased to announce my plan to make the 1976 film logan's run real

I have another three hours left in my shift and I'm doing extremely bad y'all

it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that i have sampled anime again

Hi! I'm Josie (she/they) - I'm a trans and non-binary composer and sound designer for video games, and sometimes I make my own lil queer games too!~

Here are some places where you can find and support my work:

🌺 Site:
🎵 Bandcamp:
🗡️ Streaming:
🌌 Games:

this giant bomb upf has completely degenerated into ben and jeff just hurling themselves at this awful mario maker level for what feels like years. they have always been trying to beat this mario maker level

i remember when the first mario maker came out i was really excited about it and when i bought it i immediately remembered "oh fuck, right. i hate designing levels which is why i do procgen for my actual video games."

jeff just described small mario as "young mario," who is absolutely going to drop the hottest mixtape of 2019 and then get immediately cancelled for soliciting nudes from 15 year olds

i have absolutely zero interest in making mario or playing marios other people have made but boy howdy there is very little better in the world of video game Content than videos of other people playing and/or making mario

ive met approximately infinite people exactly like jeff's mii on this website

personality traits:

- nervous
- skirt

"you eat it, and it makes you feel better *and* worse." - jeff gerstmann on food

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