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perfect blue and millennium actress are two of the best movies ever made. and then satoshi kon made paprika, a movie that the more i think about it the more i think is genuinely completely awful. and it's his most well known movie. *sigh*

millennium actress is playing in a theater near me tomorrow and i need to figure out how to get out and see it because i missed perfect blue when it came back to theaters and i'm still mad about it

literally every 3-6 months someone on twitter posts about that tube that fish get put through to go over dams and people lose their fucking minds like they've never seen it before. honestly i don't mind i'm just confused. how does everyone on earth not know about the fish tube at this point

nothing is funnier to me than calling a the player character in a video game "my man" or "my guy"

i just saw a gif of a "instant pancake maker" kitchen gadget and i got so mad immediately and said out loud at my computer "IT'S CALLED A FUCKING FRYING PAN"

i did not take a single picture at the mountain goats show because quite frankly it felt like taking a picture of four dads having too much fun at their kids' prom

HOWEVER the mountain goats are still the fucking best and john darnielle is the ultimate champion of stage banter.

I should have an extra button on my masto interface that just posts that gif of the skeleton with sunglasses

now they are 100% fucking with us, they just played "a lover's holiday" (which also rules) and then went right back to 80s thrash

the venn diagram of people who like or would like nitw and people who like the mountain goats is a circle

ok I had 2 people comment on my nitw hat at the cshr show, that number is currently 1 at the mountain goats show, CAN WE BEAT IT

the pre-show music at the mountain goats show is exclusively late 80s hardcore & thrash, I am so happy

a joke for just me and me alone 


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