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"your husband died. he broke both his knees and then he died."

what is it about people living in a city that makes them think weather is notable. it rains here in the middle of the fuckin woods all the time but you dont see me posting about it

i'm glad @srol liked this post because i basically made it exclusively for him

what if we moved sliders-style into an alternate universe where the andrew lloyd weber musical 'cats' was instead called 'the hollow men'

do you think mario's mustache is too shiny on the mario 64 box art

just saw someone suggest that they were going to buy a switch lite to use as a handheld and keep their regular switch hooked up to the tv always and my brain hurts

my very good friend brak the man is on a journey to play every single NA nintendo 64 game and is currently banging his head against the extremely hard final level of doom 64, if that sounds entertaining to you you should check out and cheer him on

if i have to read the phrase "gaming's movement" one more time i am going to slam dunk the entire earth into the sun

i see all these motherfuckers out there saying they identify as bi instead of pan because the bi flag is cooler. this campaign of misinformation will not be tolerated. the pan flag is extremely fucking cool and the bi flag looks like trash from the garbage

the spotify version of yankee hotel foxtrot used to have all the song titles styled in sentence case ("I am trying to break your heart", "Heavy metal drummer", etc, which is how they are on the back of the vinyl and CD editions) but now they're back in title case and i've never been so bummed over something so completely pointless. you dont have to roast me for caring about this, ive already roasted myself harder than you ever could by posting about it

i keep seeing people on twitter be like "anyone else feel really weird and stressed out lately?" and then people in the replies being like "ah yes, it must be the phase of the moon or that five planets are transiting my twelfth house"

[karl marx voice] bro we are alienated. this is alienation bro. lets seize the means of production bro

i know that they mean that the name of the man in the mascot costume was not specified but it really sounds like the man in the chompers costume was not granted the dignity of a name. it was taken from him by an onibaba like in spirited away

why doesn't birdo, the larger dinosaur, not simply eat the yoshis

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