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i was buying ingredients for choco chip cookies at the grocery store today and got into a conversation about baking with this old lady in line and she asked me if i used butter or crisco and naturally i said crisco because i'm not a maniac and i had to try so, so hard to not scoff when she told me she used crisco

why is there an option to run a poll for just 5 minutes? nobody's gonna see it

i just voted and it was truly bleak how many offices literally only had a republican running uncontested for them

long ago i successfuly introduced "hoisted" into the lexicon of everyone i know on here, and now i am moving on to "wax house, baby," and soon you will all be infected with "i fear there is too much clam in the beverage"

at the beginning of the stream i told @catalina that i saw her new masto avi and she was really hot and she said "i know" and i cannot stop thinking about it

i spent my entire afternoon with my parents on the extremely laborious process of filling out forms online so that the us government may deign to allow me to be scammed by them on a student loan

what a world

in the original series shinji realizing his value and recognizing his ability to bring meaning to the lives of others is the only thing that can recreate the world. eva 2.0 is "ok what about that, but the consequences are extremely dire"

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just saw someone online try to argue that eva 2.0 is a movie about how it's good to open your heart to others as though it's not a movie where opening your heart to others

1. doesn't work

2. literally destroys the entire world

nobody gives a shit about like, the twin prime conjecture or riemann-zeta because of their *practical* applications. it's because they're beautiful. the *aesthetic* value of being able to say that under these rules we made up, there will always be infinitely many examples of this category we made up vastly outweighs anything you could *do* with the results in terms of motivation for the extremely hard work on these problems.

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my extremely, boiling hot take is that mathematics has way more in common with the humanities than it does with the other so-called "STEM" fields

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when i was like 14 or 15 and first encountered the question of whether and how numbers exist i immediately considered mathematical realisms trivially false and was absolutely baffled when it turned out that most mathematicians were mathematical platonists

i still can't do it. i still cannot get my brain to think of numbers existing in a way where we didn't just make them up to serve a purpose, in the same way we did language. the mind boggles

tooooo sleepy to get out my laptop and practice on the train and feel! bad about it!

i'll practice some on the way home or at home tho or something iunno.

IN ~1HR: we are going to (slightly belatedly) play YEAR TWO of GRIM FANDANGO as a follow up to last year's halloween/dia de los muertos stream, and then if we have time we're going to play ART SQOOL and THE HAUNTED ISLAND, A FROG DETECETIVE GAME over at!!

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