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here's a hint: if you give trans people (or any other marginalized person) creative control over a project you will pretty much automatically get more fictional characters that represent that marginalized group, killing two birds with one stone

in a stunning turn of events, material economic conditions are the cause of oppression

TRANS PEOPLE: man i wish there were more stories about people like me


GOD OF THE MONKEY'S PAW: every "progressive" white dude on earth will now take it as his solemn duty to include 1 (one) trans person in 1 (one) of his stories and consult (but not give creative control to) 3 (three) actual trans people

northernlion posting, tetris posting 

northernlion posting, tetris posting 

i wish people online would use an actual argument for why reactionaries are wrong for being mad online about [pop culture thing] instead of just saying that [pop culture thing] is for kids and therefore nobody should care about it

the reactionaries *are* wrong, but it turns out that if someone is wrong you have to actually say why they're wrong in a way that isn't also wrong

hate it when i play a video game and it's just fucking homestuck again

a video game cannot survive on hot girl characters alone

contradiction: spot the liar! fucking whips ass 🤘

IN ~1HR: let's play some crusader kings II! i've been wanting to stream this game for a while now! the base game is free on steam now so if you are interested in playing but are overwhelmed, tune in and I'll be giving an introduction to the basics!!!

this is not a joke, it is as a direct result of one of these memes that i finally listened to chelsea wolfe and planning for burial, both of whom whip ass

my primary source of new bands to check out is those memes where you tag yourself as one of a bunch of pictures of guys dressed differently with bands listed next to them that they would listen to

going through my stuff at my mom's house since she's moving and found this in a drawer

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