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baking a pie and listening to steely dan cause im extremely cool 😎

making video games will turn your brain into a perfectly smooth sphere

mahjong is the most baroque, confusing game on the face of the earth. magic the gathering? twilight struggle? dwarf fortress??? pretenders to the throne

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yakuza zero has an extremely detailed, really lovingly crafted manual for how to play mahjong and it was absolutely no help at all.

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also does anyone know how to play mahjong. for the love of god. please hurry

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god yakuza zero whips ass. we accomplished absolutely nothing this stream and i had such a good time

there was a tweet I saw a while ago that described steely dan as like the music that plays in god's dentist's office's waiting room and I laugh about it every time I hear steely dan. it's so fucking spot on

this post brought to you by me listening to deacon blues and being like man what the Fuck is this song about

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y'all ever sit down and just really listen to the lyrics of a steely dan song and realize you have no fucking clue what on earth they are talking about

I bought an apple fritter and they were like "you get a free plant with that, do you want one?" and I was like uhhh sure

their name is Mort, naturally

anti-semitism, anti-semites getting owned 

i'm reading jean-paul sartre's "anti-semite and jew" for the first time as research for a paper i'm writing and it whips ass. sartre just fucking obliterates his asshole classmate off the face of the earth in two paragraphs

yeah paradiddle-diddle is fun to say but the best rudiment is obviously the multiple bounce roll cause you can do sick anticipatory drum rolls with it and it makes me feel like a drum genius

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