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kingseeker frampt is a bootlicker. darkstalker kaathe is where its at

as a general rule if you see a guy wearing all gold armor you should kick his ass

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back in my day the wr strat was to run through the valley of drakes first thing and into darkroot basin and kill the black knight there and *hope* he dropped the halberd. if he didn't you had to restart. it was terrible

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the dark souls any% speedrun is so much different from when i tried to learn it. sen's gate skip and the wrong warp blew the whole thing wide open

this run is the opposite of that bit in the first tetris the grandmaster showcase where those two guys played doubles tetris and just crushed it, but it's just as amazing

front row dancing guy and pneumatic floppy ears hat girl are too powerful together

i appreciate the wildly different aesthetics of these three mario runners. there's metalcore guy, suspenders queer, and extreme normcore man

where do you even get one of those hats where you pull on it and the ears flop

it's rainbow road. it's where you go when you die it's rainbow road

super mario 64 is a very good video game but wet dry world is a hideous monstrosity that should not be

i love mario speedruns so much. i love super mario. it's-a him.

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