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i would believe anything that oatsngoats told me on the matter of oats or goats. he seems knowledgable

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i was looking at oatsngoats' twitch page and discovered that he is actually sponsored by a company that sells oatmeal. beautiful

i wish i was as good at anything as oatsngoats is at super metroid

northernlion posting 

every time nl dabs upon getting 4500+ points on a geoguessr guess it simultaneously does 1d8 psychic damage and heals 1d8 hp

kanye west fingers in his ass is rainbow road it is a road that you go for a new generation

at a certain point i just decided to believe that y'all were just making up new people to subtoot to confuse me

the cabaret club minigame in yakuza zero is better than most full video games

yakuza zero is a pointed meditation on gentrification and late 80s neoliberal capitalist excess where also you can beat up ten guys at once by hitting them with a bicycle and go on a solo sneaking mission to buy a porn magazine from a vending machine

there's an old errant signal episode on saint's row where chris says that gta is a really dumb game that wants you to think that it's smart, and saints row is a really smart game that wants you to think that it's dumb, and i don't think it's possible to put it better than that

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yakuza zero and sleeping dogs are both so amazing because they show the potential of gta-style open world games if they were made by people who really cared about the characters and worlds they were making as more than just joke and cynicism delivery mechanisms.

saints row is amazing because it's like what if the developers of gta actually committed to the bit

god i should try and learn dark souls any% again. or all bosses

i remembered what the wrong warp was but i completely forgot how it was set up. it's so wild.

i never actually finished the dark souls dlc. i beat artorias and for some reason even though the area keeps going after that i was just like "well i guess i'm done with that"

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