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this is what my brain is like: sometimes when i get vocab words or kanji wrong in wanikani i will say "sorry" out loud to my computer

important ontological question: if you ship characters and then they begin a romantic relationship, do you still ship them?

ALFRED HITCHCOCK AFTER MAKING "ROPE": yknow doing a movie entirely in one take wasn't that great. it made me appreciate the value of cuts as a storytelling tool

MOVIE DIPSHITS: obviously the long take is the premiere expression of cinema. everything should be done in one take

northernlion posting 

"that's a big plus for me, it's one of the biggest pluses, like the swiss flag"

most laid back job interview ive ever had. dude did not give a shit or a fuck

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had a job interview at the grocery store (different grocery store from the one i used to work at), guy interviewing me told me to stay out of retail and repeatedly emphasized how grueling the work was, got a job offer

spent quite a long time trying to ascertain what connection the city of baltimore could possibly have to milk's favorite cookie

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for a very long time as a child i believed that baltimore had a baseball team called the oreos

just had a great audition for the plays my school is putting on this semester and then immediately smashed my floor lamp

in ~30 minutes: it's mahjong msunday followed by something else when i inevitably get owned too hard over at

language learning 

ok look. japanese. ๅณ is "right" but ็Ÿณ is "stone". this is unethical

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