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i have never seen an epsiode of frasier and honestly from what i've heard you could tell me that literally anything happens in that show and i would believe you

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[typing game makes him type "POST" and "CORE"]

"post core? that's already in my muscle memory because it's my favorite genre of music."

the only picture on the wikipedia article for hundun, the faceless primordial chaos from which the world is born in chinese mythology, is a picture of a shrimp wonton

its cool how the only way i can not feel like i'm having a slow motion panic attack is to put a ton of delay on some trumpets

the physics will then be fed into the character monitors, the character monitors are special monitors they're about 35-50 feet high and we don't we can't see them they're in the basement. and the basement is flooded. but it's flooded not with water but with magnetic fluid. and that magnetic fluid is containing hundreds and thousands of different algorithms that are all running the same program at the same time from different parts of the world

my family is not incredibly italian but definitely the most italian thing about me is that it took until i was like a teenager for me to figure out eating fish and pasta on christmas was not normal

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there's a new family feud video game out with online multiplayer and nl made a video about it and the sight of just a single person standing behind the family feud podium is. indescribable

the friend in question described it as sounding like "things are going well on the moon"

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made this little loop while showing a friend how digital audio workstation software works

genetics fucked my shit up. if genetics fucked your shit up, call now

just saw an ad on a youtube video featuring a generic late 2010s edm style cover of "you get what you give" by new radicals and I thought I was going to lose my fucking mind dude.

you ever see a picture of a cashew fruit? it looks like a lie calvin's dad from calvin and hobbes would make up when calvin asked where cashews came from

the latest thing i've been doing with breakbeats is slowing them down a huge amount with ableton's "beats" warp mode on the "transients" setting, which just chops any sample into a fantastic glitchy mess

doing it on the "complex" warp mode is also fun, you get all sorts of cool warping artifacts and if you have enough weird artifacts it counts as an aesthetic

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