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asking for advice, please boost 

would anyone happen to have any advice for looking for affordable short term apartment rentals in the nyc area?

i am in a very specific mood that only comes about once every thousand years. it is time for FINAL FANTASY IV with @catalina over at!!

we live in a glorious time where if this game were to be made it would probably be localized to english. get on it atlus/chunsoft

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during stream this evening i had the thought "shin megami tensei mystery dungeon" and i will not be able to rest until this exists

i finally played john romero's sigil doom wad and my review is: if you showed me some of these levels out of context i would have guessed american mcgee designed them, which is about the meanest thing i can say about a doom level

pokemon mystery dungeon has introduced a rescue team called the "meanies" who rescue pokemon to bully them into giving them a large reward, right as i just listened to an episode of hopwag about the jewish philosopher ibn paquda's distinction between good actions and good intentions. in this essay i will

thinking about how in pac-man when blinky reaches his maximum speed, pac-man enthusiasts call him "cruise elroy" for a reason that is completely lost to history

reference to pornography 

you ever see a truly unhinged line in a hentai doujin and get mad that you cannot show it to everyone you know because sending screencaps of porn to people makes you a creep

this is, frankly, our fault, for projecting a cultural image that the only thing americans want from a video game is big tits and things that blow up

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how good a japanese game is is inversely proportional to how easy it was to get the game translated into english and how much of a marketing budget the english version got

i have seen several people reference hades while talking about anathema which is very funny because being mad at and disappointed in hades is the single most direct cause of me starting development on anathema

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the other day in that warren spector gdc talk where he talked about deus ex being too real for 2021 ( he also talked about being a "frustration driven" game designer and making things bc he was mad about things other people made and i have never felt more seen

if the difference in reception between hades and spelunky 2 is any indication, game critics still do not understand roguelikes. people went nuts over hades because they want to play visual novel dating sims but games where you don't kill anyone are gay

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