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magnolia electric co??? came out in 2003??? what are you talking about spotify???


i've made this fresh pasta recipe a couple of times now and it's very good but also distressingly similar to eating a bowl of human ears

i always forget the main reason i love winter until summer comes along and i don't have it anymore: wearing pants and a jacket and a coat and a hat makes me feel *safe*

who is renovating an apartment and decides that every single surface should be ceramic

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imagine taking photos this cursed and thinking "yeah, i should post these to get people to rent this apartment"

deriving the pronunciation of japanese words from the hepburn romanization: pretty easy, gets you pretty close

deriving the pronunciation of mandarin words from the pinyin romanization: good luck you piece of shit

its fucked up that new mexico is right next to regular mexico

like look, i'm a bit of a sound quality snob, but like come *on* how can anyone not think phone calls have abysmal, unlistenable audio quality. it is impossible to understand what anyone is saying through the garbled layers of noise and compression. it's absolutely unusably bad.

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what is *wrong* with these people. just write a fucking *email* you have my email address, you asked for it on the application!!

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got a phone call from a landlord who sounded like she was on a submarine in active combat coming to me via old timey radio.

999: 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors is a metal gear game with all the sneaking and combat taken out and i love it


also it's wild how every apartment in LA is either a small building with 2-4 units run by a total freak or a big building with a reviews page on yelp full of people screaming about bed bugs

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