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"oh don't put it in at an angle, you're gonna wind up in the new england journal of medicine"

northernlion posting 

watching nl play drawing games or puzzle games is a good reminder that he put all of his skill points into vocabularic loquaciousness leaving no room for things like "picturing an object in his mind" or "understanding physics"

california is really a devil's bargain of a state, you get what most people would consider basically perfect weather year round, no hurricanes or tornadoes, but in exchange you live with the knowledge that at some point in the next 50 years the earth is going to open up and the whole thing will just crash into the ocean

i assembled my new desk today and between having my computer on a surface that is not my dining room table and having a fridge, this apartment is starting to feel like an actual place

on my way back from the grocery store i saw a white panel van parked in the mcdonalds parking lot and there were two people in the front seats eating from a LITANY of sweets and baked goods on the dashboard and singing loudly and operatically along with salsa music. really makes me rethink how i'm living my life

absolutely absurd first sentence from the history section on the wikipedia article for silly putty

i haven't been grocery shopping yet so currently there is a single carton of eggs in the fridge. i am living the dream

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if i walked into a room in real life and it looked like this i would shit my pants to death

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friend suggested that it would look really deranged if i put images of all the furniture on the cubes as image textures and lo and behold, it looks super deranged

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absolutely the best thing about knowing how to use blender is using it for room planning

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