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go break your arm and get exceptional medical treatment for free, asshole

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youtube keeps trying to get me to watch these videos of a dutch guy criticizing american urban infrastructure and as much as i criticize american urban infrastructure i will absolutely never except euros doing it

the fastest way to play through halo 2 is to punch a guy in the dick for several minutes straight. what a world we live in

i have been awake for three hours and i feel like i have been awake for thirty years

i am drinking the coke with coffee for the first time and it tastes roughly like i am drinking a coke and someone in the same zip code as me is having a vanilla coffee beverage.

people like to disparage dead space by saying it's "resident evil 4 in space" as though that doesn't sound great

one of the most pervasive myths about creative work that i wish i could completely destroy is that you're more likely to do something radically new if you know nothing about the medium you're working in. the idea of the lone genius who just shows up and revolutionizes an art form because they just don't think in the same ruts as the professionals is a complete myth and any story you think goes like this is 100% of the time way more complicated than that

there was a tweet that went around a while ago where someone said that you don't have to play video games at all to make video games (and then insultingly insinuated this was more true if you were an artist or a musician, as though they aren't real game developers) and i just

like literally why would you make video games if you didn't like video games??? you can get paid so much more doing literally anything else with the skills you need to make games. the only reason to be here is if you care

LA is absolutely chock full of these people for obvious reasons and i hate it

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we need a term for people who think watching movies is a personality that's as derogatory as "gamer"

a tree falling in an empty forest in an empty universe

japanese words that have a /ΙΎ/ right after a /n/ should be a violation of international law. trying to say γ€Œζœ¬ζ₯」makes me sound like i've never used my tongue before

dental health 

i called the dentist to try and get them to replace my filling and there was a whole process because i'm a new patient becuase i just moved here and then they scheduled me for the thirteenth??? and i was so flabbergasted that i just said "ok" and ended the call

i barely slept last night because of all the pain i'm in!! what am i gonna do, man!?

dental health 

one of my fillings came out and i need to make an appointment to get it replaced which means i need to make a phone call. i have literally had the number dialed on my phone for three hours and have not yet been able to work up the courage to place the call

fireworks turn everyone online into such a fucking cop it's unbelievable. "oh how dare these people make so much noise how inconsiderate" have you tried not being a little bitch about it

me: i have a toothache

me: *takes some tylenol*

me: *develops a headache*


northernlion posting 

CHIB: someone tweeted me the other day, and they were like "luckily you're an internet clown, 'cause you're too dumb to be anything else"

it's not my fault that india has solved food. they did it. they made the best stuff, every other culture just pack it up and go home

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