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i've never actually played parappa. i should probably get around to it sometime

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i watched the parappa "i slammed my penith in the car door" video like ten times in a row just now because like honestly the song is pretty catchy

the friends of ringo ishikawa continues to be astonishingly good. seriously, if you're a fan of persona 3/4/5, or night in the woods, or even the yakuza games, you owe it to yourself to play it. the vibes are off the charts.

on this evening's stream, i bought a copy of james joyce's ulysses at a bookstore, but when i went to the bench i usually read on there were hooligans there, so i beat them up and then read 200 pages of ulysses while chain smoking. absolutely top shelf stuff.

northernlion posting 

CHIB: y'all know i was in a michael jackson memorial runescape music video?

he immediately challenged me to a rematch and i blocked him. i should have sent him a link to the wikipedia article on the king's indian defense

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i had eight minutes left on the clock (of a 10 minute game) when i checkmated him on move 22. he had a minute and a half

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dude please just learn an opening. i am playing the london system it is not rocket science

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me playing a chess match against a guy who takes five minutes to play six moves

by the time they got to naming places on the west coast they really fuckin ripped the limiter off huh

japanese: so there are two kinds of adjectives, γͺ-adjectives and い-adjectives. γͺ-adjectives conjugate like nouns, but い-adjectives conjugate with their own rules.

me: ok cool so all the adjectives that end with い are い-adjectives?


when i was a teenager i would straight up eat like three bananas a day. i was a monster. excited to return to monke

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bananas are my favorite fruit, but for years i haven't been able to eat them because they make me sick to my stomach.

i decided to buy some bananas at the store today to see if anything had changed.

folks, i can eat bananas again. this is a truly glorious day.

the #1 thing i miss about nyc is that when i lived there i went for a walk every day because i lived in a neighborhood with lovely walkable streets and a beautiful park, whereas here in la i live in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city and every time i leave the house i almost get hit by a car 50 times

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every time i go outside i just get incandescently mad at everyone who drives a car

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all crosswalks should have a mechanism in them that allows them to open up and drop cars that stop in the crosswalk when there's a walk signal to be dropped into a vat of lava

northernlion posting, drugs 

"Stop telling me that poppers are a drug you use to relax your anal sphincter, you're telling on yourself. not that there's anything wrong with that."

i get so much shit in the mail dude, i just got a letter (not addressed to me) from billy fucking graham

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